Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brides = The Ultimate Bitch Justification

I'll just say it: I can't stand the majority of brides at wedding time. Weddings are the one occasion where these women can be completely self-absorbed, insensitive, and downright bitchy and everyone thinks it's OK because "it's their day."

Now, I'm not kidding myself. I'm almost positive I had said moments as a bride-to-be. But for the most part, I think I at least tried to be considerate of my friends and family who were bending over backwards to make my day happen for me. It's just common decency. Yet all that goes out the window for the one day when you get to wear a pretty dress and have everyone look at you. Forget about the people who can't afford to pay $300 for a designer bridesmaid dress (AND still buy you a gift because we all know you're expecting that too). Just don't pay your rent for a month! And forget about the people who can't find sitters for their infants to attend your child-free wedding...the dog can watch the baby so you can come to my wedding, right? If it were really just one day, fine. But this whole process takes place over a year, if not more. So really, it's not just their DAY, it's their year.

This whole attitude is glorified with shows like "Bridezilla." Then, when it's all over, the bride can pretend to be sweet as pie while everyone ignores the fact that she treated them like animals. All this to celebrate something that, statistically speaking, will be more likely to fall apart than last forever.

Don't get me wrong. I might not be a fan of romance, but I am a fan of love. I think weddings are beautiful and the celebration of love is a wonderful thing. But if you want others to be a part of your declaration of love, then show them love in return. Get a hold of yourself - if one of your bridesmaids needs to get her shoes from Payless because she spent all her money to be in your wedding or if your friends with five kids can't afford a gift because they're paying $20 an hour for a babysitter, don't say a word. Hopefully some bride-to-be out there will read this and get a clue, or maybe a former bride who realizes she was everyone's nightmare will make some apologies. Show some love and respect. It's not that hard.


  1. You go girl!!! : ) I couldn't agree more, it is suppose to be a happy time, for everyone! Especially the ones closest to you! Keep speaking your mind lady...the world needs to hear the truth, with all these lies flyin!
    Love Red Crush

  2. That is why I got married in Vegas. HHH & I had a great time, everything was done for me, I was already on my honeymoon, and we had the ceremony broadcast on the internet by the chapel so our "guests" were virtual! No one had to pay a dime to come to my wedding! Those money grubbing, she witches are just a sign of our over extended, asinine existence.

  3. Ahahahah! This is awesome. We have this in every day life too though. All sorts of shitty TV glorifying all sorts of bad behaviors until people think it's the norm. Being a BITCH is never the norm. Thanks, Krista!!